Bar-Top Amusements

img Offering an array of challenging puzzles and skill-based games, Merit's MegaTouch bar-top standalone is perfect for bars and lounges. Patrons can even compete or work cooperatively amongst themselves with a variety of multiplayer game selections.

Our bar-top games are for amusement only and are not part of the video lottery. Please see the video lottery section for information on gambling machines.

Pool Tables

img Specializing in Valley pool tables, we have everything needed to suit your establishment's pool table needs.

In addition to the table, we will provide you with a variety of pool sticks, stands, chalk (including wall-mounted holder) and table brushes.

We can also provide you with a pool table light, however insurance reasons prohibit us from installing it.

Our service doesn't stop at the installation. We will regularly check the condition of the table cloth and rails and, when needed, will re-cover your table on-site.

Dart Boards and Foosball Tables

img Already have a pool table and you're looking for the perfect accompaniment for it? Consider adding one of our dart boards or foosball tables!

Our Valley Cougar dart systems have all of your favorite competitive dart games including 301, 501, 701, 901 and Cricket, to name a few. With built-in digital score boards, these dart games take the work out of having fun!

Complete your sports bar's look with one of our coin-operated Tornado Competition foosball tables and provide your patrons with fun and your business with additional revenue.

Arcade Games

img Looking for an entertaining source of additional revenue? Inquire about our selection of cabinet arcade games.

Our selection currently includes:

Most of our games accept both bills and coins for maximum playability and profitability!